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I would like to notice the brief chronicle of website contents.

It has been a pleasure for me to do this work for the last 2 years.

I have been tried my best to inform

Facts about Korea of visitors as possible as I could.

Even so, there have been much work undone

because it's beyond of my capability, and time and efforts of translation work.

For the time being,

I would like to ask a favor forall the visitors to www.win2korea.com from now on.

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=== Book information ===


'Window to Korea'

4 Version, respectively

Chinese, English, French, Japanese Version


'Fusion Foreign Word'

5 Version, respectively



'Invitation to Korean Poetic Soul'

- Korean Modern Poetry 100 years

(*300 pages)

=== Website Information ===


Travel Korean for Foreigners

4 Version, respectively

(Chinese, English, French, Japanese Version)


Korean Plaza


Fusion Word Fair

5 Version, respectively

(Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean Version)

Korean Version

- Fusion Cuisine

I/Me/Mine Board

05/31/2003 :

Key Word 600

Key Expression 100

Verb Conjugation(Grammar Chart)

4 Version respectively

Korean Version

- Word Power

- English Abbreviation


Korea Now and Then

4 Version, respectively

* Opening/Closing Date


- Snapshots of Dynamic Korea,


Board of Each Version

(2002.6~2003 8.)


- Fusion Cuisine

(2002.12 ~ 2003.9.)

- Invitation to Korean Poetic Soul

(2003.9 ~ )

Korean Plaza

(2002.8 ~ 2004.6.)

I/Me/Mine Board

(2002.12 ~ )


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